April 4, 2013

Miniature Spotlight: Bloodletters of Khorne

A while ago I started painting a group of Bloodletters of Khorne. That ended in a fiasco when I used a new and untested matt varnish that killed them instantly. An old lesson learned again, always test your varnish first. I moved on, found a new perfect matt varnish and painted a lot of other stuff since then.
Now my campaign is in serious need of more demons and so I decided to once again paint some Bloodletters. This time I painted them with my airbrush and I really like the result:

All Blootletters are on 25mm Chaos Bases from Micro Art Studio. I removed the chains and metal stuff from the bases and used Vallejo pigments to paint them. The paints I used for the demon skin were Gory Red (GC) as base, Dragon Red (Warpaints) as first highlight and Orange Red (MC) as second highlight. I used Goblin Green (GC), Livery Green (GC) and Dead White (GC) for the swords. I'm especially happy with the look of the power weapons since this is the first time I painted something like this. :)


Nathan Watt said...

These are nice. Will they be featured in your Battle Reports at some point? I'm still waiting for the next mission to come out and see how the lads, and ladies, did.

Kronos said...

Thank you, Nathan! I'm happy you like them. :)
They will be in our next Battle Report. I was done painting these models last Saturday and we had a game session on Sunday. I just couldn't resist using them and I also got a cool new Hellgate from Dwarven Forge which fits the demon theme so very well. I'm just about done with the image post-processing and I think the Battle Report will be online this Sunday. :)

Nathan Watt said...

That's good, I'm looking forwards to it. Oh, more and more being added aye?

Is Dwarven Forge the group who make a miniature of a dwarf on an armoured bear? I've seen it on google.

I'm curious to know, are all your miniatures from different model ranges? I know obviously the Bloodletters are from GW. But what are the others from? Such as the Templars?

Also, do you see the connection between Warhammer and 40K? I always feel like the Emperor in 40k is basically the king of the Humans in Warhammer.

Kronos said...

The collection is always growing, yes. ;)
Dwarven Forge makes the terrain I use in my D&D campaign. It's absolutely awesome:
Dwarven Forge

Yes, I use a variety of miniatures, basically everything that's fits the purpose.
Most of them are from Reaper Miniatures:
Duke Gerard, Crusaders Warlord
Kristianna, Crusaders Warlord
Gargram, Dwarf Sergeant
Almaran the Gold

One is from Privateer Press:
Wolves of Oboros

And one is from Cipher Studios:
Gilles de Rais

I think I read somewhere that, even though there are similarities, 40k has a complete different back-story and is not related to the Fantasy universe. But I couldn't say that for sure, I'm no expert on Warhammer or 40k. I never played either one (aside from the PC games). I just like the gothic style and many of the miniatures found their way into my D&D games. :)