March 26, 2013

The Happy Spender: Demons and Aberrations

It's time to fill up the ranks of my demon army! For starters I got a mighty demon prince for my gaming table:

Greater War Demon from Ultraforge
The picture above shows a painted version by ThirdEyeNuke. I was toying with the idea to get this beast for quite a while and the inspiration I got from his awesome paint job was the nudge I needed to get him for my game. :)

And since a big chunk of my campaign involves a legion of plague-ridden aberrations I got the awesome Corrupters of the Apocalypse from Avatars of War and well as the Plaguebearers of Nurgle from GW. The Corrupters will be the foot soldiers of the aberration army while the Plaguebearers will be used as demonic abberations.

The picture above shows again a paint job by ThirdEyeNuke. This Dude has amazing skills!

So far so good. I'm really looking forward to paint these nasty creatures. :)

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