May 27, 2013

The Happy Spender: A mighty Demon, a Werebear, a Giant and lots of Minotaurs and Beastmen

Back in January I participated in the Mierce Miniatures Kickstarter. I did go back and forth on that decision during the time the Kickstarter was active because of the Maelstrom Games thing (there's a lot of discussion about it various blogs if you want to read more about it) but finally decided to invest a bit of money and give Mierce the benefit of the doubt even so I read in various blogs and forums that there was a chance that I would never see any product for my money. Of course that is a chance with every Kickstarter project but everyone who knows about the Maelstrom Games thing knows what I'm talking about. Today I got a package from MM in the mail and I received every pledge reward I was promised and the miniatures look absolutely awesome:

And last but not least 6.5 inches (16, 5 cm) of demonic awesomeness:

I always loved the design of the Banelegions/Darklands miniatures and the new Miniatures are also absolutely beautifully sculpted. There are some mold lines and a lot of flash so I will give a final verdict about the quality when everything is assembled and the clean up is done but everything looks absolutely top notch so far. :)


Luckyjoe said...

Those are some excellent minis. I hadn't heard anything about the stuff going on with the company in the past. I'm glad they came through so well with your order. That demon is awesome!

Maglok said...

Wow, those are really awesome. Wish I had gotten in. :)