June 30, 2013

On the Worktable: Minotaurs / Fomoriac Tarvax from Mierce Miniatures

I've been painting a lot this month, trying new things with the airbrush, experimenting with Ghost Paints to create new blood effects and some other cool stuff. There will be a couple of updates with lots of photos in the coming weeks. And I've assembled most of my Mierce Miniatures Kickstarter stuff, only Krull is still in pieces. Here are some shots of the assembled Fomoriac Tarvax (or in D&D terms - Minotaurs):

I repositioned the axe of the Champion because I didn't like the angle he was holding it. It just didn't look truly dynamic to me. While this is a fantastic sculpt the way he is holding his weapon in the concept sketch looks a bit better:

Position of the axe in the concept art
Final position of the axe on the miniature
The repositioned axe for a more dynamic pose
Now it looks closer to the artwork and is more in a "at beginning of the strike" moment than before, at least to my eyes. :)


PsychosisPC said...

I have the champion and was extremely impressed by the mini. Are the others comparable in size?

Kronos said...

The champion is slightly bigger then the rest. Most likely this was done to further emphasize his superiority. It does not look out of place but rather appropriate and they look great as a battle group. :)