July 2, 2013

Miniature Spotlight: The Plaguebearers of Nurgle

I've painted my Plaguebearers of Nurgle and I'm very disgusted happy with all the blood them. I was looking for an opportunity to train my airbrush skills and the demons from GW were once again the perfect test subjects. The main goal was to try to get very subtle and fluent color transitions. I honestly didn't know if the Plaguebeares would come out of this experiment looking even halfway decent since I'm still fairly new to the whole painting with an airbrush thing but so far I'm very pleased with the outcome.
I decided to give the swords a heavy rust effect with a mixture of Vallejo "Burnt Sienna" and "Dark Red Ocre" Pigments.
The sores and intestines were painted with Minitaire Ghost Paints from Badger. I bought a couple of the new Airbrush Ready paints and am extremely impressed with hem. They work like a charm and after testing them heavily on the Plaguebeares I will happily add them to my paint collection.
The bases are "Corpse Fields" bases from Secret Weapon miniatures. I also added some gruesome bits here and there from an Limited Edition Battlefield Basing Kit the Army Painter sold a few years ago.
All in all it was a very pleasant painting experience to get the Plaguebeares from this
to this.
They also already made an appearance on the gaming table when we had our D&D session in June. Here's a sneak preview of the coming Battle Report:

I'm currently editing the pictures from several new paint jobs including the Skin Wolves from Forge World, various Empire Soldiers from GW and Forge World, some war casualties, a bunch of Townfolk miniatures and of course the Battle Report from June. It seems July will be a picture heavy month. :)


Maglok said...

Quite awesome paintjob!

Been meaning to ask, you got any complete pictures of the gaming mat you use? I know where it is from, but I am very curious how it holds up. Shipping apparantly does bend it?

Kronos said...

Thank you very much, Maglok! :)

I don't have a picture of the map without any stuff on it but the maps are quite resistant to the hazards of normal gaming, storing and transportation. I store my maps rolled up every time I don't use them and I don't do anything special to protect them further.
They were shipped to Germany from the USA and I don't remember if they were folded or rolled but in any case they were completely fine when they got here.
At least I do not remember that I had to iron out any irregularities when I unpacked them for the first time, but if I did I never had to do it again. All in all premium quality, I can only recommend these for any gamer. :)

Maglok said...

I am seriously considering one. :D

Germany hm? Awesome, I'm in the netherlands. This is good info to know.

Keep up the awesome setups, they are inspiring!