July 28, 2013

Miniature Spotlight: Finally my Reaper Bones Kickstarter Miniatures arrived!

A whole year has gone by since the Reaper Kickstarter launched and we are (of course) way past the estimated delivery time (which was March) but they finally arrived:

After checking the lot (which took hours) it seems everything is complete with two minor exception: one miniature and a small ornament for one of the giants are missing. I will send a mail to Reaper so that they can correct these minor errors.
My first impressions leaves me quite happy with all the larger miniatures since they seem to be perfect for the new casting material. There seems to be some issues with a few of the smaller miniatures (bending, mold lines etc) but I want to take a closer look and start painting a few of them before I will make a statement about their quality. All in all this seems to have been a great Kickstarter project to participate in. :)


eriochrome said...

Looks like you went pretty much all in.

We have found that on a selection of the man sized minis the faces are just messed up:



Check if yours are similar.

Kronos said...

Thank you for showing me the photos, eriochrome!
I had already found two miniatures with missing noses myself and I feared there would be more of them. :/
After checking my vampire package I can confirm the same errors. And there seems to be a problem with the details of some of the other human-sized miniatures.
For bigger miniatures the new material seems to be pretty great, although I have not painted any of the bigger ones yet, so I'm not 100% sure about that.

quorthon13 said...

I had to laugh whenI read this quote:
"small ornament for one of the giants are missing"

I was just gluing my reaper giants and I ended up with an extra ornament.... I can just see the employee laughing maniacally as they take the ornament from one giant and slip it in the other baggy. ;-)

Kronos said...

@quorthon13: lol! ;)
Thankfully I got the replacements for the missing miniature and the ornament last week so my order is correct now. :)