August 1, 2013

The Happy Spender: Town Guards, Bards, Banners and the new Spartan Scenics Med Lab and Armoury Accessories

The Town Guard from Scibor Miniatures will make a nice addition for my townsfolk collection:


I especially like the jester/drummer and the monk. I will probably change his standard because it's a little bit to much and over the top (but think it would make an awesome sign for a tavern). But thinking about changing it gave me the perfect excuse to also buy these cool banners from Tabletop-Art for a possible conversion:

Another nice addition to my Townsfolk collection will be this awesome bard from Enigma Miniatures:

I don't like the bard character class that much but I do like them as miniatures in a tavern setting or at a market. Or as awesome orcish Heavy Metal bands. Speaking of awesome: I really like the new line of Sci-Fi accessories from Spartan Games. They make amazing stuff and I couldn't resist to add some of it to my collection:

To wrap things up, here are my thoughts about bards as a character class, beautifully summarized by the one and only Dungeon Bastard:


John@Plastic.Legions said...

Hey Kronos

I'm pretty hit or miss on scibors stuff but that town guard is fantastic. I hadn't heard of these before thanks for posting. any chance you do some comparison photos with your Reaper bones figures? just so i can get an idea on the scale bigger or smaller than Reaper.. great stuff as always here, cheers.

Kronos said...

Thank you, John! :)
Comparison photos are a good idea, I will clean and assemble the Town Guard this weekend and make a couple of photos with other miniatures. Fresh out of the box and unassembled it seems that the proportions seems to fit other 28mm miniatures well enough (sadly that is not always the case with Scibor). But more on that when I make the comparison shots.

I'm amazed how much character these miniatures have. They are "just" average Town Guards after all. But they are very nicely sculpted and every single one has some nice quirky features that really brings the miniature to life.
And you are right, "hit or miss" is a good description for the work of Scibor. But they have really done a great job with these, I can't wait to have them ready to be painted. :)