August 15, 2013

Miniature Spotlight: The Windmill from Tabletop World

The Windmill from Tabletop World was a gift from Gamergrrrl (thank you again!). I really enjoyed painting it, especially the light effect in the windows which was something I never tried before:

I probably post more pictures from different angles as soon as I have a decent lighting setup for photographing miniatures as big as the windmill. Right now this is the only shot I'm halfway happy with but at least it's the one where the front side of the windmill is shown. :)


Nathan Watt said...

You did an excellent job painting it. And I love the light effect you did for the window. Why did you choose blue though?

Kronos said...

Thank you, Nathan! :)
Blue is the color that is most commonly used for these kind of light effects. It is most likely because blue usually doesn't clash with the color theme of the buildings like for example yellow would. My other buildings (I will post pictures of them soon) have a yellowish white as the main color for the walls and the blue in the windows works very well as a harmonic contrast.