August 4, 2013

Miniature Spotlight: Reaper, Scibor and Lead Adventure Miniature Scale Comparison

John from Plastic Legions asked me if I could post a Scibor Town Guard/Reaper Bones photo for scale comparison. I was a little bit worried about the scale myself since the 28-32mm heroic scale can sometimes have noticeable differences in proportions if you compare miniatures from different manufacturers with one another. I also included a Reaper Dark Heaven Legends Miniature (it has the same size as its Bones equivalent) and the Plague Doctor from Lead Adventure:

Reaper Bones, Scibor Town Guard, Reaper Dark Heaven Legends, Scibor Town Guard, Lead Adventure Townsfolk
I think it's safe to say that the Town Guard minis work very well with miniatures from other manufacturers. There are some minor differences but these work well as representations of normal height and size differences between persons. :)


Joe Kushner said...

In terms of miniature height, how do you feel the Enigma figures work? I like them but they tend to be VERY tall in comparison.

Kronos said...

Enigma miniatures are indeed noticeable taller than for example most Reaper miniatures. For Human sized monsters like Vampires etc. that works well and one or two of the normal humans as NPCs in a big setup with other Townsfolk miniatures would not be a problem (although one would very likely see the difference in proportions and height). But I would not advise my players to choose an Enigma miniature as representation of a D&D player character unless I would be sure the scale would work with the other character miniatures.