April 18, 2014

On the Worktable: The City Graveyard

I'm working an a modular city graveyard setup for my gaming table. These are a few WIP shots of various pieces:

The walkways (and various other things on other boards) are made with Hirst Arts blocks. All boards are based on a 10 mm (0,39 inches) piece of Styrofoam.  Some parts are removable:

While I used small Hirst Art floor pieces to create a walkway this board will instead get a dirt walkway in the later stages of the WIP. Again the mausoleum is removable:

This piece is actually also a part of a scenery board for the presentation of my undead army. And since the Graveyard Board fits the theme of the scenery board perfectly I will creaty several pieces like this that allow me to remove the scenery to insert miniatures.

I'm also working on some buildings for the Graveyard Board:


Ptr said...

Love your work and the pictures are very inspirational. I have added your page and will follow your work in the future. One of the picture show a graveyard and the stones are put on circle-bases, are they removable on the plate?

Kronos said...

Thank you very much, Ptr! ^^
Yes, they are removable. I want to use this setup also for an undead-themed Diorama. :)