April 12, 2014

On the Worktable: Micro Art Studio District 5 Apartments

I had a hard time deciding which paint theme I wanted to use on my Micro Art Studio District 5 Apartments:

In the end I think the version on the right looks best. But I'm still a bit worried that a complete table may look to dark because of all the low-keyed colors I want to use o represent a dark Cyberpunk/Blade Runner style. Time will tell...

This is my result so far:

Still very much a WIP. But I like where this is going.

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Black Bard said...

I just bought myself some of this terrain, so it's great to see someone painting it. Any chance you could do a close up shot of the detailed long panels that fit on the top and bottom of each wall segment? Mine don't fit, so I'm wondering if I pushed the wall segments in towards each other too much, making it too tight for the panels.