December 7, 2014

The Happy Spender: Forest Terrain from Tabletop Modellbau

Since my new D&D campaign will be the Kingmaker campaign (in a gridless Pathfinder variant) I bought a lot of stuff from Tabletop Modellbau

I  think this will be pretty great for all the above ground/forest encounters featured in Kingmaker. Don't get me wrong,I still like the good ol' battle map from Hotz Maps:

But I always wanted to explore the possibilities of gridless D&D and I thought about investing in a lot of Terranscapes products for the new campaign or build my own stuff. But this new range of modular tabletop terrain is even created and produced in Germany, just a few miles away from my location (roughly a 3 hour drive away) and gets delivered to my front door without the hassle of going to the customs office and paying extra import taxes etc.
I especially like the river parts and the ability to create multiple levels. I also bought add-ons to build even higher hills and thus having the ability to create 3 to 4 levels on the gaming table.

I really can't wait to see what kind of combinations I will be able to build and how much Dwarven Forge I can sneak into each setup. :)

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