October 23, 2015

Miniature Spotlight: Inavaak, Tarvax Warrior

I'm a big fan of minotaurs, I really like the Klingon vibe they got going on and this fearless warrior berserk style is beautifully captured in every single minotaur from Mierce Miniatures.  I also love how much thought the sculptor Benoît Cosseput put into the details of every minotaur. Every miniature is very different in pose and general appearance, which is something I hadn't seen before in a minotaur unit. One of my favorites in this unit is Inavaak, I just love the fierce look, the fact that he doesn't swing an axe but an really cool mace-thing and that he shows really gruesome battle wounds. The broken horn, the bloody wound leading to the bloody bandage...awesome details that really bring this guy to life:

I really like how the bloods effects did come together on this one. I also like how the skin tones and  the look of the armor on the backside, but I'm all in all not very happy with the look of the armor in general. I tried something new to get a kind of dirty and used look on the armor and while it's partially working, I don't thing I'm really happy with it. Well, theres always something, right? Maybe I will repaint the armor someday, but I already spend so many hours on this guy so that will have to wait for quite a while. And all in all I'm very happy with the result of the paint-job. Inavaak is definitely ready to do some damage on the gaming table. :)

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