March 13, 2016

On the Worktable: Krull, Malacant and Scecchus from Mierce Miniatures

Almost three years have past since I bought one of the most awesome demon miniatures on the market: Krull, the Servile Lord of Dis from Mierce Miniatures. During that time I also bought Malacant, the Servile Champion of Dis and Scecchus, the Servile Fiend of Dis.
It took me a while to assemble the miniatures because the pieces didn't fit together very well and I needed a lot of Green Stuff to make it work. Krull was laying halfway put together right next to the so extremely awful beholder for over 2 years before I started to finish the assembly on March 1st. And despite the fact that the assembly of all three demons was definitely no fun at all I'm really looking forward to painting these bad boys. :)

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