June 5, 2016

Miniature Spotlight: Infinity - ALEPH - Atalanta, Agêma's NCO

I was collecting quite a few Infinity miniatures from different armies just for the beauty of the amazing miniatures. But when a couple of friends started playing the game somewhat regularly I decided to contribute to the list of playable ( = painted) armies and so I started painting the ALEPH Steel Phalanx Sectorial Army.
After a couple of failed attempts at finding a color scheme (I tried a Blade Runner and a Deus Ex scheme, but they just didn't work for me) I decided to try a scheme somewhat close to the original colors:

These colors work pretty well for me and I'm quite satisfied with the result.
I painted Atalanta using an airbrush and with a traditional brush. The Colors are Black (Model Air 057), German Camo Beige WWII (Model Color 821), Deck Tan (Model Color 986), German Grey (Model Air 052), Barley Grey (Model Air 051), White (Game Air 701) and for parts of the multispectral visor a 1:1 mixture of Ghost Tint Green (D6-169) and Ghost Tint Plasma Fluid (D6-180) from Minitaire. The Techniques used include black lining (with Liquitex Carbon Black Ink) and Edge Highlighting (Ivory 918 Model Color). I used cork for the street/gravel/city parts of the base, Rough Grey Pumice Texture from Vallejo for the earth/dirt parts and the "early fall" two colored tufts from Mininatur for a bit of vegetation.

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