July 29, 2016

Miniature Spotlight: Spite Revenants, Tree Revenants, Dryads and Drycha Hamadreth from Games Workshop, Preyton from Forge World and Mórannach, the Beast of Cill Chonn Bog from Mierce Miniatures

I did it! YAY! I painted all of them in two week time (excluding the Preyton from Forge World, I've painted him a while ago but he fits very well with the forest creatures theme of this army so I included him in the picture) and everything was ready on July 24th. It was two weeks of heavy painting, but very rewarding in the end. 

This week was very work heavy and I didn't had the time to make photos of the whole group until today. I will make additional photos of every group of miniatures this weekend and post them next week. If I can sneak it in I will also assemble my newest purchase, a Tree Lord from Games Workshop, my reward for getting everything painted in time. :)


Gotrek said...

These look fantastic. I'd love to see those close ups :)

133willingham said...

If you ever want to sell the Preyton I will buy it.

Kronos said...

Thank you very much for your feedback, Gotrek! I greatly appreciate it.:)
I finally did make some close ups. I posted some of Mórannach today and the others will follow shortly.