July 13, 2016

On the Worktable: Spite Revenants, Tree Revenants, Dryads and Drycha Hamadreth from Games Workshop and Mórannach, the Beast of Cill Chonn Bog from Mierce Miniatures

I'm currently DMing (among others) the Pathfinder Kingmaker Campaign (which is so awesome!) so I'm always searching for cool fairy and forest miniatures. I have a couple of nice ones from Reaper and Otherworld but not enough for what I have in mind for my campaign. Then last week Games Workshop extended their Sylvaneth line with some awesome miniatures and since they are perfect for my Kingmaker campaign I couldn't resist to add a whole bunch of them to my collection:

I used 25mm Bases for the Dryads and Revenants and a 80mm Base for Drycha Hamadreth

Spite Revenants

Tree Revenants


Drycha Hamadreth

And last but not least I got the really awesome Mórannach, the Beast of Cill Chonn Bog from Mierce Miniatures as a present from one of my best friends:

My painting schedule for July was almost exclusively Infinity Miniatures to extend my Steel Phalanx army but...well...these are too cool to sit on the WIP shelves for long. Our next game session is on the 24th this month and I want to have all of them finished by then. If I succeed with this plan, I will get myself a Tree Lord from Games Workshop as a reward. ;)

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