August 19, 2012

The Happy Spender: The Reaper Kickstarter

I'm a big fan of Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a crowd funding website for creative projects. I've seen great projects get realized with the help of it. Projects that would very likely not exists today without this website. Now Reaper Miniatures started a Kickstarter for their new Bones line. I have a special connection to Reaper (as maybe many of you) not only because they produce awesome miniatures that are perfect for D&D gaming but because back in the day when I started my first D&D game as a GM I almost solely bought Reaper minis as representation for monsters and characters. I still buy Reaper minis from time to time (because they are still awesome) but since there are so many great companies out there today that satisfy my gaming needs it has become way less than in the beginning so the balance pan might just be even right about now regarding how many miniatures from other companies I have.

At least it was 5 minutes ago before I pledged a vampire level and extras for the Reaper Kickstarter.
A vampire level means that I've pledged 205$ (including shipping) to get me all of this:

And all of this:

How many miniatures I get at this point? 164. Let's read that out loud: one hundred and sixty four miniatures! :D That's 1,25$ (1,01€) per miniature. Now if I add the German import taxes this will cost me something around 1,50$ (1,22€) per miniature. Well done, Reaper. Well done.

And since Reaper adds even more miniatures to the vampire level (without any additional costs!) when a stretch goal is reached (the current on is $930.000) this is not the final number of miniatures I will get when they ship them in March 2013. I will get even more. This is exciting. :)

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